Who We Are

Sumitek Networks LLP (Sumitek) is committed to ensuring that everything produced under our name is congruent with our company values of openness, honesty, integrity, and neutrality. These values drive our approach to building information products.

We have our origins in late 1998, starting out as an e-magazine, and providing content for various IT magazines and newspapers. The focus was primarily on technical reviews, new product launches, and emerging technologies. We also worked with the press covering IT exhibitions. We have worked with HT Tech, CNBC, and also appeared on CNBC and TMG (TV) on technology topics. We have been featured in various print and web publications as well as IBM’s ‘Other voices’.

Digital Transformation Specialists – Our focus remains end-to-end web presence for businesses, helping them get their businesses online. Over the years, Sumitek has supported, and grown with our clients, enabling them to transform business operatations and help serve their users.

Focus on Micro and SME – Our clientele includes individuals and organisations from USA, Europe and APAC region, but the primary focus remains the Indian peninsula.

It’s important to understand what would happen if we compromised on our values. We’d quickly be just another publisher, learning company, or talking head. Nobody would be excited about Sumitek or our products; our audience would cease to be interested in what we have to give.

Our adherence to these values means our audience can count on us for intelligent, thought-out, established solutions that work.